Accelerated Curing Tank

Accelerated Curing Tank for Educational Laboratory.

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Accelerated Curing Tank

a) 24 Hour cycle from time of mixing.
b) Controlled 35oC or 100oC ±2oC Curing Temperature for concrete.
c) Controlled 27oC ± 2oC Curing Temperature for grey cement.
The tank has been designed to accommodate 150mm/70.6mm cube moulds upto 36/72 cube mould and fully insulated, complete with a hinged lid, heater, thermostat and re-circulated pump. Provision of two removable racks allowing free circulation of water around each mould. The pump, drain valves and electrical equipment are housed in a compartment located at one end of the tank. The Tank is heated by a immersion heater under normal conditions and refrigeration system for grey cement the temperature is controlled at 35oC or 100oC ± 2oC / 27oC +2oC , expect for the 15 minutes after immersion of the freshly made specimens.
Curing Tank for 6/12 moulds of 150mm / 70.6mm size