Aeration Unit

Aeration Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Aeration Unit

    An aeration unit to permit the study of oxygen transfer characteristics of diffuse air systems.
    Comprising a 24.5 litre open tank with variable speed motor driven stirrer paddle and pumped air supply, via a valve and flow meter, to a diffuser.
    Sparger, single and treble air stone difusers are included in the supply.
    A battery powered dissolved oxygen meter provides intrumentation including direct reading of water temperature.


The Aeration Unit comprises an open tank equipped with a paddle stirrer. Air is supplied by an electrically driven pump through a control valve and flow meter to a diffuser, adjustable for position, within the tank. A variety of diffusers is included. The dissolved oxygen content of the water in the tank is measured by means of an oxygen electrode and dissolved oxygen meter. The meter supplied gives an additional direct reading of water temperature. Operating from internal batteries, the meter may be used for field trials independently of the apparatus.

The equipment consists of a base and backboard standing on four rubber feet. Mounted on the base is the clear acrylic water tank which has a capacity of 24.5 litres. On the front of the tank is a depth scale and at the base a drainage tap. The lid of the tank is partially removable to allow filling. On the fixed part of the lid are mounted the stirrer motor, stirrer and clamping positions for the temperature probe, oxygen probe and aerator tube.

The oxygen/temperature meter is mounted on the backboard with the connecting leads to the appropriate probes.

Air is supplied to the tank by means of a pump (with filter and silencer assembly) and is controlled by a valved flow meter discharging through the aerator tube.
Technical Details:

    Pump: Diaphragm type
    Tank capacity: 24.5 litres
    Flow meter range: 1-12 litres/min

Oxygen/temperature meter ranges:

-5 to 199%DO2
-5 to 25.0%DO2
-5 to 19.99mg/l
-10 to 105°C

    Oxygen probe length: 300mm
    Paddle: Variable sped controlled by D.C. shunt wound motor
    Chemicals required:(not supplied)
    Sodium sulphite
    Cobaltous chloride
    Three diffusers, sparger tube, treble airstone and single airstone, may be separately attached to the aerator tube.
    Variable speed adjustment of the stirrer paddle provides different levels of turbulence in the tank.