Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Air Conditioning Unit

    Air Conditioning teaching system, complete with initial heating stage, humidifier, chiller/dehumidifier and final heating stage
    Transparent duct (200mm x 200 mm) for complete visibility of the process
    Computer controlled via USB interface, with complete educational software including data logging, graph plotting with real time updates, mimic diagrams, data export
    Educational software, replicating the psychrometric chart calculations
    4 sets of Temperature and Relative Humidity measurements at the various stages of the process
    RH sensors come with calibration values which can be entered into the software for best accuracy
    Electronic Flowmeter to measure the air flow in the duct
    Dual control of boiler setting with a fast heat up setting and a gentle setting for control.


Air is drawn into the duct by a variable speed fan, and is passed through a flow straightener to the preheat heating elements. The air is then passed over a nozzle from a steam boiler, which allows the air to be humidified. The next component in the duct is the evaporator of the integral refrigeration unit. As the air passes through the evaporator it is cooled down. The evaporator housing also allows any water which condenses from the air to be collected in an external vessel. After the evaporator the air passes over the reheat elements and out through a louvered exit. Temperature and RH sensors are provided at the air inlet, after the preheat and humidifier, after the evaporator and after the reheat. The air flow is measured by an electronic sensor. The mains supply voltage is monitored in the equipment to allow calculation of effective heater powers. Underneath the duct are mounted the steam boiler for the humidifier, the compressor and condenser for the refrigeration system and the electronic control box.