Air Flow Studies

Air Flow Studies for Educational Laboratory.

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Air Flow Studies

    The unit is self-contained and only requires connection to a single-phase electrical supply.
    Turbulence in the 80mm diameter test pipe is minimised by locating the pipe at the inlet of the centrifugal fan.
    A profiled bellmouth inlet prevents air-separation from the wall of the pipe at the entrance and straightening vanes suppress the formation of vortices.
    Tappings along the test pipe allow the pressure gradient to be measured with air velocity variable up to a maximum of 35m/s.
    A Pitot tube can be traversed across the pipe at five locations to allow boundary layer growth/development of velocity profile to be examined.
    Air flowrate is determined from differential pressure measurements across an orifice plate or two different inlet nozzles.
    Different bends and elboes can be fitted to allow frictional losses in fittings to be compared.
    Air jet dispersion experiments are carried out on the discharge side of the fan.
    A Pitot tube can be traversed laterally (across) and longitudinally (along) the jet to measure the changes in velocity as the jet disperses.
    All pressure measurements are performed using a bank of fourteen manometer tubes that can be inclined to increase sensitivity.
    An instruction manual is supplied that describes how to perform the air flow experiments and interpret the results, as well as how to install, commission and maintain the equipment.