Anaerobic Culture Jar

Anaerobic Culture Jar for Educational Laboratory.

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Anaerobic Culture Jar 
(with vaccum cum pressure gauge)

Transparent Anaerobic Culture Jar of 3.5 lit. capacity which is made of Polycarbonate. The lid of the jar is made of Aluminium Pressure die casting fitted with Pressure valve, Vacuum valve, Safety valve & Compound Pressure cum vacuum gauge, three finger aluminium clamp and sealing “O” ring and Air/Gas chuck.
This is recommended only where inside condition of air of jar is removed thru vacuum pump and CO2 is filled in the jar thru CO2 gas cylinder to generate anaerobic conducting in the jar.
Also Supplied with Plain aluminium Pressure die casted lid which can be fitted when ready made gas packs are used to generate the anaerobic conditions inside the jar.


    Petri Plate Carrier, Stainless steel, for 10 petri Dishes.
    Test Tube Carrier, Stainless Steel.

Optional Consumables at Extra Cost :

    Anaerobic Indicator, Box of 10 Tablets.
    Anaerobic Gas Pack,Price per packet of 5 sachets.

Spare Parts at Extra Cost :

    Silicon Ring For
    Petri Plate Carrier, stainless Steel,for 10 Petri Dishes
    Test Tube Carrier, Stainless Steel