Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus

Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus

The apparatus consists of converging diverging circular test section.Static Pressure tapings are provided across the length of the section and velocity head is measured with reading for various flow rates.
Specifications :-

    Converging Diverging Perspex Test Section : 200 mm .
    No. of Pressure Tappings : 8 Nos.
    Sump tank capacity : 100 litres MOC : 18 X 18 X 24 Electro Plating tank (PVC).
    Volumetric tank capacity : 40 litres. MOC : SS-304 with Matt Buffing.
    Pump : Monoblock type 0.5 HP.
    Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings.
    Digital Stop Watch with 1/10 second Accuracy.
    Detailed Technical Manual and On-site demo.