Bio Spectrophotometer

Bio Spectrophotometer for Educational Laboratory.

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Bio Spectrophotometer
Salient Features
1. Smallest form factor double beam spectrophotometer with a high-resolution bandwidth.

2. Comes with automatic wavelength calibration and programmable wavelength for lamp change over.

3. Lamp selection enables conserving the life of the two lamps, deuterium and tungsten with auto focusing.

4. Menu driven microprocessor based software makes the stand-alone unit user friendly.

5.Stand alone unit offers an advanced technology with data processing features for scanning discrete wavelength, concentration determination by standards and e-factor method, time scan with minimum time interval of 1.0 sec, auto-zero facility, self check and self diagnostic modes.

6.Software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with password method protection, Instrument logbook etc. cGLP compliance addressed