Boyle’s Law Apparatus, Advanced

Boyle’s Law Apparatus, Advanced for Educational Laboratory.

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Boyle’s Law Apparatus, Advanced

Designed for Boyle’s Law demonstration in wide pressure ranges to a group of students, results can be observed even from a distance. The apparatus comprises a thick walled, wide-bore glass tube mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0 to 65cm3, with closed end of the tube at the top and open bottom end secured tightly on the thick-walled metal tube with O-ring to get leak-proof joint. Other end of metal tube connected to a cylindrical oil chamber filled with colored oil and capable of withstanding high pressures. Zero of the scale corresponds to the inside of the closed (top) end of the tube with the scale reading directly indicating volume of the air enclosed in the tube. Oil chamber fitted with Bourdon gauge at the top, calibrated 0-3.4 × 105 Nm-2 and has a valve on one side for connection to air compression pump. As the pressure in the oil chamber is increased, oil is forced into the glass tube compressing the air contained therein and the volume of the contained air and its actual (total) pressure is directly indicated. The glass tube has thick walls of high strength having a very large safety overload margin. A transparent safety screen is mounted securely in front of glass tube as an added safety measure.