Calorimeter Joules Double Wall

Calorimeter Joules Double Wall for Educational Laboratory.

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Calorimeter Joules Double Wall

Provides more accurate results. Comprises a smaller inner nickel plated copper calorimeter vessel 75×50mm (height × diameter), enclosed in an outer vessel 100×75mm (height × diameter) with felt lagging in between them for minimizing heat loss. A close fitting bakelite lid is provided with a resistance coil mounted at the underside so as to be positioned sufficiently inside inner vessel and a pair of 4mm terminals at the top for electrical connections. The lid has provision for thermometer and stirrer. The resistance coil has recommended working current of 0.5A with a maximum of 1A to minimize the local boiling of liquid. Supplied complete with stirrer but without thermometer. With inner vessel of about 300ml and outer vessel of about 900ml, both of aluminium instead of copper, and upper lid of transparent acrylic cover. Supplied complete with stirrer but without thermometer.