Clinical Centrifuge Machine (Tube-4)

Clinical Centrifuge Machine (Tube-4) for Educational Laboratory.

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Clinical Centrifuge Machine (Tube-4)
Low priced units meeting the majority of the small capacity centrifuging requirements of medical practitioners, pathological laboratories and hospitals for routine centrifuging tests. The units are fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance having built in 5 step speed regulator Available with Swing out or Angle rotor. The tube capacity is 15 ml. Also supplied with adopters to accept Test tubes of 12 x 100 mm of Borosil.

Technical Specification
Capacity     Ml     4 x 15     6 x 15     8 x 15     24 x 5
Type of head         Swing out     Angle
No. of tubes         4     6     8     24
Max. Speed     RPM     3500     3500     3800     3500
Max.RCF     ‘g’     1850     1600     1450     1250
W x D x H     mm     310 x 310 x 295     210  x 210  x 250
Supply: 220-240 volts 50 Hz single phase


    Rust proof Alluminium body.
    Best quality rotor with double enameled windings and coil
    Fitted with imported carbon brush
    Fitted with vacuum feets for stability.