Computer Compatible Manometer Bank

Computer Compatible Manometer Bank for Educational Laboratory.

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Computer Compatible Manometer Bank

    Electronic multiple channel pressure measurement system designed to replace liquid manometer banks.
    16 simultaneous measurements displayed on a PC (not supplied).
    Sophisticated software included, for logging, recording and displaying data.
    16 channels of 350mm H20 capacity, or 14 channels of 350mm plus 2 channels of 125mm H20.


The eighteen pressure monitor points are located on the front panel of the unit, with adapters to allow flexible plastic tubing to be attached. Two different sizes of tubing can be used (2mm and 3mm inside diameter). This tubing connects to the test points on the equipment being monitored.
The manometer system connects to the customer supplied computer using a USB interface. The measured pressures are displayed on the computer screen in both numeric and bar chart format.

Sophisticated software is provided with facilities to:
> Display the data from the 16 channels in real time
> Record data either on operator request, or at constant sampling periods
> Define the data sampling periods to be used
> Record data onto the computer for lateral retrieval, including the option to record the data in Excel format
> Display tables and graphs of the captured data, with real time updates
> Calibrate and scale the individual measurement channels
> Zero the data channels before taking measurements