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Concrete Mixer(Laboratory Type) 

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Concrete Mixer(Laboratory Type) for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Concrete Mixer(Laboratory Type) Specification:
Concrete Mixer(Laboratory Type) (Code - Civil005024): Concrete Mixer(Laboratory Type)

The Concrete Mixers are available in two versions for Laboratory or field use. The field models are hand operated. This portable concrete mixer has rubber tyred wheelsand a towing tongue so that it can be towed and moved around by hand. Its rotationis powered by single-phase electric motor or by hand . The lever allows the concrete to be tipped into a wheel-barrowor mixing pan. The driving shaft is mounted on sealed ball bearing The counter balanced drum swivels and tilt 360° for easy and complete discharge.

Specifications :
Drum Capacity     3 cubic feet approximately
Drum material     Cast Iron or mild steel
Mixer Capacity     2 cubic feet approximately
Drum Rotation     20-22
Motor Power     0.5 HP single Phase AC Supply / Hand operation


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