Consolidation Test Apparatus

Consolidation Test Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Consolidation Test Apparatus

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Consolidation Test Apparatus Consist Of

Loading Unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm2 consisting of a loading yoke
connected to a lever arm with a counter- balancing adjustment and having
a lever ratio of 1:10, the whole assembly being mounted on a steel frame
Consolidation cell assembly, fixed ring type for testing 60 mm dia x 20
mm thick specimens comprising :
1. Fixed ring for specimens 60 mm dia x 20 mm thick with a guide ring.
2. Top porous stone for 60 mm dia specimen.
3. Bottom porous stone for 60 mm dia specimen.
4. Pressure pad, perforated
5. Channeled base with water inlet.
6. Gasket.
7. Flanged water jacket,
8. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/cm2 on 60 mm specimen. Comprising : 7 off 0.05 kg/cm2, 5 off 0.1 kg/cm2, 6 off 0.2 kg/cm2, 6 off 0.5 kg/cm2, and 5 off 1.0 kg/cm2.
9. Water reservoir with plastic tube, T-connection and pinch cock.
10. Dial gauge, 0.01 mm x 25 mm travel