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Crane Weighing Scale for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Crane Weighing Scale Specification:
Crane Weighing Scale (Code - SKU-IELAB410004): Crane Weighing Scale


• Heavy Duty Designed
• Build in Rechargeable Battery
• 200% Safe Overload Protection
• RED LED Display
• Optional Remote Control
• Power Saving Function
• Automatic Turn off
• Low Battery Indication
• Tare, Zero, Auto Zero Tracking, Total, Hold,
• Overload Warning and Record



1 Ton. 500 gm
2 Ton 1 kg
3 Ton 1 kg
5 Ton 2 kg
10 Ton 5 kg
15 Ton 5 kg
20 Ton 10 kg
30 Ton 10 kg


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