Deluxe Mobile Experimentation Station

Deluxe Mobile Experimentation Station for Educational Laboratory.

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Deluxe Mobile Experimentation Station


To provide the facilities required to perform experiments with Motors and Generators covered by and 250 Student Manuals. Mobile Student Experimentation Stations,   contain power and metering services, an ample work surface, and storage area for experimentation components. These stations may also serve as versatile power and instrument facilities for a wide range of other laboratory experiments.

Physical Characteristics

The base and turret housings of Student Experiment Stations are constructed of heavy code-gauge steel. The work surfaces are made of antique white plastic Laminate bonded to 1″ thick wood core with black plastic edging. The Stations rest on 4″ diameter rubber tired swivel casters (two with locking type brakes), permitting them to be located anywhere in the laboratory or rolled into a classroom for demonstration purposes

Electrical Characteristics The power turret contains six power supplies, whose ranges are compatible with the require- ments of the Series 100 program. Each power supply is equipped with an indicating pilot light, a magnetic circuit breaker to protect against overloads, and 25-ampere color-coded output jacks

The ratings of the supplies are as follows:

•  Fixed 120V.AC,1Ø,15A through two duplex receptacles.

•  Fixed 120V.AC,1Ø, 2-wire, 15A

•  Fixed 120/208V.AC,3Ø, 4-wire, 15A

•  Variable 140/0-240V.AC, 3Ø, 4-wire, 9A

•  Variable 0-150V.DC,1.0A, isolated, 1% RMS

•  Variable 0-125V.DC, 6.0A, isolated, 1% RMS