Demonstration Pelton Turbine

Demonstration Pelton Turbine for Educational Laboratory.

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Demonstration Pelton Turbine

    Turbine wheel inside cast housing with acrylic panel to allow viewing
    Mechanical force measured using dynamometer and spring balances
    Inlet pressure gauge
    Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench
    Educational Software available as an option


    This accessory comprises a miniature Pelton wheel with spear valve arrangement mounted on a support frame which locates on the Hydraulics Bench top channel.
    Mechanical output from the turbine is absorbed using a simple friction dynamometer. Pressure at the spear valve is indicated on a remote gauge.
    A non-contacting tachometer (not supplied) may be used to determine the speed of the Pelton wheel. Basic principles of the Pelton turbine may be demonstrated and, with appropriate measurements, power produced and efficiency may be determined.

Technical Details:
Item     Value
Speed range:     0 to 2000 r.p.m.
Brake power:     10 Watts
Pressure gauge range:     0 to 25m H2O
Force balance range:     0 to 10N x 0.1N
Number of Pelton buckets:     16
Diameter of Pelton wheel:     123mm
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