Dissectible Transformer

Dissectible Transformer for Educational Laboratory.

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Dissectible Transformer :-Designed primarily for demonstration of basic principals of the A.C. transformer. The coils and cores will also serve as the basis of many experiments in electromagnetism using either direct or alternating currents. Supplied with 1 Clamp base, 1 Laminated ‘U’ core, 1 Laminated armature, 2 Soft iron pole pieces, 1 Coil of 300 turns 4 amp., 2 Coils of 600 turns 2 amp., 1 Coil of 1200 turns 1 amp., 1 Coil of 3600 turns 0.3 amp, 1 Coil of 12000 turns 0.05 amp. All coils are enameled copper wire wound round on high impact plastic moulded bobbins. The base is provided with tommy -bar screw to hold ‘U’ core.