Electrophoresis Vertical- Mini

Electrophoresis Vertical- Mini for Educational Laboratory.

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Electrophoresis Vertical- Mini


    It is required in biotechnology, Molcular Biology applications in colleges, Universities, Research Institutes.

    It is meant for protein characterization.

    The unit is jointless, moulded of transparent Polycarbonate to avoid leakage. The unit is based on Acrylic sheet fitted with 3 leveling screws. Complete with Acrylic cover.

Dimensions Outer 15x18x15 cm.     (LxWxH)
Gel Size (cm)     8×7 (1Gel)
Buffer Required (ml)     100 + 150
Platinum Electrodes     2 Nos.


    Glass plate-1 and 1 notched rectangular Total 2nos.
    One set spacers of 1.0mm,1.5mm – 4 pcs. each
    4 sets of Nylon moulded combs of 7 wells & 10 wells in 0.1mm and 1.5mm thickness
    Silicon Gasket – 1 No

Special Features:

    High Quality
    High Performance
    Buffer Chamber moulded in single piece.
    No leakage
    Lid moulded single piece