Energy Transfer Kit

Energy Transfer Kit for Educational Laboratory.

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Energy Transfer Kit

The  energy transfer kit comprises several separate units, which enable wide range of demonstration experiments in energy transfer / conversion, permitting the user to show qualitatively energy conversion from one form of energy to another in a various different ways. All units with pulleys are mounted on the bases of same size to assist alignment of pulleys and provided with 4mm socket terminals wherever needed for electrical connection. All units, where motion is required to be transferred through external means, are provided with a pulley to the central shaft carrying the accessory, except Turbine/Pump Unit. Mounted Lamp, 12V 24W: For use with the mounted solar cell and motor. A 12V 24W SBC bulb in a metal socket mounted on a folded metal base 100 × 63mm with a pair of 4mm sockets. The power rating of the bulb has been chosen so that when it is placed in front of the solar cell, sufficient power is produced to run the motor effectively whilst avoiding the risk of damage to cell by excess light and/or heat.