Experimental Water Cooling Tower

Experimental Water Cooling Tower for Educational Laboratory.

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Experimental Water Cooling Tower

The set-up is designed to demonstrate and study of heat & mass transfer during the process in a forced draft counter flow type water cooling tower. The set up consists of specially designed; SS vertical tower packed with aluminium mesh packing, fitted with front side acrylic window to provide actual visualization of cooling tower operation. The air from a blower enters at lower end of tower and after passing through the mesh packing leave the column from top outlet to atmosphere. Counter – currently hot water from water bath is evenly distributed over the packing by nozzles at top of the tower using circulation pump.

An arrangement is made to vary and measure the airflow rate & temperatures at different locations in the tower. The hot water bath is provided with level gauge enables to show the exact evaporation loss. The temperature of water in bath can be independently varied to simulate different conditions using digital temp