Fixed Bed Absorption with Regeneration

Fixed Bed Absorption with Regeneration for Educational Laboratory.

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Fixed Bed Absorption with Regeneration

The set-up is designed to demonstrate and stimulate the moisture removal by heat under forced draft action created by hot air stream and fluidization property of solid to dry.

The set-up consists of a specially designed, vertical Column. The lower conical portion of the column is filled with moist solids. The material is supported on the screen mesh held between two flanges. Air from blower passes through heating chamber to produce hot air works as the drying agent entered from lower side of the column and leave the column from top outlet removes the moisture of solids. At the top outlet of column a cyclone is provided to collect the solid particles taken out by the air stream. An arrangement is made to vary and measure the airflow rate. A digital temperature controller is used to control and measure the temperature of air stream

    To study the fluidized bed drying


    Superb Painted structure
    Simple to operate & maintain
    Compact & stand alone set up