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Flow Meter Demonstration Unit for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Flow Meter Demonstration Unit Specification:
Flow Meter Demonstration Unit (Code - T004058): Flow Meter Demonstration Unit

A self-contained apparatus to demonstrate the characteristics of flow meters used in measurement of water flow through pipes or open channels.

    Service module with reservoir, volumetric measuring tank and pump.
    Reference turbine flowmeter permanently fitted.
    Metering devices available in various combinations to suit coursework.

Selection from fourteen devices:

- Venturi
- Orifice
- Pitot
- Shunt gapmeter
- Swinging flap
- Volumetric rotary piston
- Electromagnetic
- Helical rotary
- Inferential multistream
- Current meter
- Broad crested weir
- Crump weir
- ‘H’ flume
- Washington flume

    Quick and easy removal of test meters for evaluation and inspection.
    Air entrainment facility.
    Meters can be used independently to support research or student project work.
    User instruction manual provides installation, commissioning and maintenance data, together with project exercises.


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