Flow Over Notches

Flow Over Notches for Educational Laboratory.

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Flow Over Notches

The unit consists of flow channel of proper length & width. The notch or weir is fitted, water supply is given at one end of channel. Water flow over notch or weir. Arrangement are made to measure the still level to determine the head.

    Interchangeable Brass/Aluminum notches.
    Measurement of head by scale.

Range Of Experiments:

    To determine coefficient of discharge through.
    60° ‘V’ notch.
    Rectangular notch.


    Water storage tank.
    Notches 60 included angle ‘V’ notch.
    Rectangular notch.
    Notch interchanges arrangement.
    Measuring tank & collecting tank & stop watch.

Service Required:

    Water supply.
    Suitable floor space of 2 m. x 2 m.