Flow Visualisation Apparatus

Flow Visualisation Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Flow Visualisation Apparatus

During the experiments on various drag bodies, ink is injected through fine nozzles into a horizontal flow chamber. The chamber is covered with a glass panel so that the streamlines can be clearly observed. Flow sources and sinks can be simulated using 4 additional holes in the chamber. The distribution and amount of ink injected can be adjusted with manual valves.

The water supply is provided either from the laboratory mains or using the (closed water circuit).

Learning Objectives / Experiments

· Depiction of streamlines in the flow around bodies

· Effect of bodies of different shape on the flow

· Effect of sources and sinks


1.  Unit to visualise flow lines

2.  l x w x h 640x520x485mm, 17kg

3.  Water as flowing medium, injection of ink in a flow chamber

4.  8 different drag bodies

5.  Simulation of flow sources and flow sinks possible

Technical Data

Contrast medium: ink, injection via 15 nozzles

Ink tank capacity: 200ml

4 sources or sinks

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 640 x 520 x 485 mm

Weight : approx. 17 kg