Fluid Friction Apparatus

Fluid Friction Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Fluid Friction Apparatus

The panel comprises a pipe network with sub-section that  be isolated individually and one measurement section in which different elements can be inserted. There are 4 water manometers for pressure measurements. The pipe network is made of plastic. Annular chambers enable pressures to be measured with minimum interaction.

The water supply and flow rate measurements are provided by Fluid Friction Apparatus .Alternatively, the arrangement can also be operated from the laboratory mains supply.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Pressure loss in pipes and fittings

- Effect of flow velocity on the pressure loss

- Opening characteristics for shut-off devices

- Determination of loss coefficients

- Different flow rate measurement methods

- Comparison of calculation and experiment


1.  Set-up to study the pressure loss in pipes and fittings through which a liquid is flowing, for use with Fluid Friction Apparatus

2.  Pipes and pipe connections made of PVC

3.  2 liquid-level manometers 0…100mbar

4.  Transparent measurement objects nozzle/orifice and venturi tube

Technical Data

Measuring section 800mm, 20×1.5, PVC

Pipe sections made of PVC: continuously narrowing, 32×1.8-20×1.5; continuously widening, 20×1.5-32×1.8; with 90° elbow / bend, 20×1.5

Measuring range of manometer 0…0.1bar

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 1550 x 640 x 1300 mm

Weight : approx. 58 kg