Fluid Friction Measurement

Fluid Friction Measurement for Educational Laboratory.

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Fluid Friction Measurement

A unit for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices.
• A substantial floor standing tubular steel frame supports test circuits comprising:

- 4 smooth-bore pipes of different diameters ranging from 4.5mm I.D. to 17.2mm I.D.
- artificially roughened pipe
- 90° bends (large & small radii)
- 90° elbow
- 90° mitre
- 45° elbow, 45° Y, 90° T
- sudden enlargement
- sudden contraction
- gate valve
- globe valve
- ball valve
- inline strainer
- perspex Venturi
- perspex orifice meter
- perspex pipe section with a Pitot tube & static tapping
- 38 tapping points

• Suitable for studying Reynolds’ numbers from 103 to nearly 105
• A system of isolating valves, quick release manometer connection valves and self-sealing pressure tappings ensure fast accurate results
• Data logging accessory available
• Computer aided learning program available
• A user instruction manual provides installation, commissioning and maintenance data, together with student exercises.