Fluid Statics and Manometry

Fluid Statics and Manometry for Educational Laboratory.

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Fluid Statics and Manometry

    Demonstrates the basic principles of hydrostatics and manometry
    Includes vertical tube with variable cross section, Scale length 460 mm
    Includes demonstrations of the following types of manometer:

- Single piezometer manometer tube, Scale length 460 mm
- Inclined manometer with inclinations of 5°, 30°, 60° and 90° (vertical)
- Enlarged limb-manometer
- ‘U’ tube manometer (air over liquid), Scale length 460 mm
- ‘U’ tube manometer (liquid over liquid), Scale length 460 mm
- Inverted pressurized ‘U’ tube manometer, Scale length 460 mm

    Level measurement using Vernier hook and point gauge, Range 0 to 150 mm with 0.1 mm resolution
    Allows the effect of friction to be demonstrated when fluid is in motion

Technical Details:
Item     Value
Max depth inside reservoir:     574 mm
Inside diameter of reservoir:     100 mm
Scale length of manometer tubes:     460 mm
Manometer tubes incorporated:     1x ‘U’ tube
2x Vertical parallel tubes
1x Vertical tube with varying cross section
1x Vertical tube with pivot allowing operation at three different inclinations