Fortinís Barometer

Fortinís Barometer for Educational Laboratory.

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Fortin’s Barometer

A glass tube of about 6mm bore is encased in an enameled and lacquered brass tube, mounted on a polished wooden board with provision for wall mounting. With chemically engraved, silvered scales, graduated in both mm and 1/10” accompanied with a Vernier having a least count of 0.1mm or 1/200 inch of mercury that moves with rack and pinion arrangement and is mounted between the two scales, complete arrangement enclosed in a glass cylinder. A white reflecting surface behind the scales facilitates its easier reading. A glass cylinder towards the lower end of the barometer has an ivory pointer with adjustment screw that provides fiducial setting point to which the level of the mercury in the cistern is adjusted before noting the reading. A ring support and three locking screws at base of instrument provide a mean of securing the barometer in vertical position. Fitted with a thermometer to read ambient temperature. Supplied without mercury. Includes instructions for filling the Barometer