Gear Pump Demonstration Unit

Gear Pump Demonstration Unit for Educational Laboratory.

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Gear Pump Demonstration Unit

    A small-scale gear pump demonstration unit, comprising of a water reservoir, pump, control valve, relief valve and inter- connecting pipework, all mounted on a stainless steel base.
    Equipped with electronic measurement sensors for pump head pressure, flow-rate and water temperature.
    Transparent pump head for visibility
    Capable of being linked to a PC (not supplied).
    Supplied with software providing full instructions for setting up, operating, calibrating and performing the teaching exercises.
    Facilities are provided for logging, processing and displaying data graphically. Full theoretical back-up is included together with a student questions and answers session.


    Demonstration of a gear pump in operation.
    Measurement of constant-speed pump performance, including the production of characteristic curves of outlet pressure against:

- flow rate
- motor shaft power
- pump speed
- pump efficiency
- volumetric efficiency

    Comparison of student calculations with computer results.


A motor driven gear pump, mounted on a stainless steel plinth with a water reservoir and pipework for continuous circulation. The pump head and the water reservoir are manufactured from clear acrylic for maximum visibility.A manually operated valve at the pump outlet allows control of the flow and a pressure relief valve protects the operator and the equipment. Electronic sensors measure the pump outlet pressure, the flow rate and the water temperature.
Technical Specification:

    Max flow rate: 6.5l/m typical
    Max head: 25m
    Max pump speed: 1800rpm
    Motor power rating: 250W