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Heat Conduction Apparatus 

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Heat Conduction Apparatus for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Heat Conduction Apparatus Specification:
Heat Conduction Apparatus (Code - Heat0007):

Heat Conduction Apparatus

Range Of Experiments

  • To observe radial & axial flow heat conduction.
  • To determine Radial & Axial thermal conductivity of test speciman .
  • To observe and plot the temperature distribution along the length of the speciman.
  • The experiments can be conducted at various values of input & calculation can be made accordingly.
  • To plot Heat input Vs thermal conductivity.

Experimental Setup :

1. Radial Flow Unit

  • Mild Steel & Aluminium test specimens
  • Comman Heater & water cooled heat sink Assembly
  • Set of thermocouples.

2. Axial Flow Unit

  • Mild Steel & Aluminium test specimens
  • Comman Heater & heat sink Assembly.
  •  Set of thermocouples.

Control Panel :

  • 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Dimmerstat : 0 – 4 A.
  • Main’s On/Off Switch.
  •  Voltmeter :0 – 250 V.
  • Ammeter :0 – 5 A.

Space Required :

  • 1.5 m.(L)x 1.0 m(W) table top.
  • Service Required :
  • 230 v Ac Supply 50 Hz



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