Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator

Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator for Educational Laboratory.

Product Code:

Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator

    A floor standing flow channel for use with Hydraulics Bench
    Working section 77mm wide, 150mm high and 1100mm long
    Can be configured to demonstrate flow in open channels and closed conduits
    Clear acrylic sides for good visibility of flow patterns created
    Stilling arrangement at inlet to promote smooth flow into the working section
    Section of bed can be elevated continuously and locked at the required height
    Discharge tank incorporates flow control valve for convenience in setting up
    Total and static heads indicated on multi-tube manometer connected to Pitot tubes and static tappings at three locations in working section
    Pitot tubes mounted through bed of channel for ease of priming and height adjustment (can be traversed from floor to roof to measure velocity profile)
    Transparent scales allow measurement of all important heights and levels
    Models of hydraulic structures supplied include Undershot Weir (Sluice gate) at the inlet, Overshot Weir at the outlet, Sharp Crested Weir, Broad Crested Weir (also used to create a Culvert) and Ogee Weir
    Suitable for project work with alternative hydraulic structures (user created)
    Optional direct reading flowmeter to aid setting up of demonstrations
    Comprehensive instruction manual supplied

Technical Specifications:

    Width of working section 77mm
    Depth of working section 150mm
    Length of working section 1100mm
    Maximum operating flowrate 1.6 litres/sec