Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig for Educational Laboratory.

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Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

The setup is designed to study the Hydraulic Ram.

Hydraulic Ram is used for pump little quantity of water to high head from a large quantity of water available at low head. It works on a principle of water hammer stating that “when flowing water is suddenly stopped in a long pipe a pressure wave travels along the pipe creating an effect of water hammer”.

Set up consists of a pipe section fitted with a pulse valve and non-return valve, a supply reservoir on a stand which is connected to an overhead tank, an air vessel above the valve chamber smoothes cyclic fluctuations from the Ram delivery. Different pressure may be applied to the pulse valve to change the closing pressure and hence the operating characteristic.

The flow rate of useful and waste water is measured using measuring tank and stop watch provided. Pressure and Vacuum gauges are connected on delivery and suction side for the purpose of measurement