Impeller Vortex Apparatus

Impeller Vortex Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Impeller Vortex Apparatus

The unit is suitable for investigating natural and forced vortices that are generated in a transparent tank. It is possible to measure the profile of the vortex using calipers. A natural vortex is generated by draining water from the tank through an interchangeable central outlet. 4 inserts of varying diameter are provided. A forced vortex can be generated by inserting an impeller, nozzles are fitted in the tank wall to inject water and spin the impeller.

The water supply is provided either from the laboratory mains or using the (closed water circuit).

Learning Objectives / Experiments

· Investigations on forced vortices

· Investigations on natural vortices

· Recording surface profiles

· Measurements of vortices


1.   Experimental set-up to study the formation of vortices in liquids, for use with the Impeller Vortex Apparatus

2.   l x w x h 630x400x675mm, 18kg

3.   Plexiglass tank on powder coated base plate, complete with pipework, fittings and connections, as well as measuring device with vertical/radial scale

4.   Vortex generated via outlet inserts or impeller with 3 blades

Technical Data

Tank: diameter: 250mm, height: 190mm

4 outlets: diameter: 8, 12, 16, 24mm

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h : 630 x 400 x 675 mm

Empty weight : approx. 18 kg