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Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit Specification:
Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit (Code - T004019): Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit

    Small scale hydropower unit designed to demonstrate the operating principles of an impulse turbine.
    Horizontal shaft and transparent guarding allow excellent visibility.
    Mounts on a dedicated service unit.
    Connects to a PC via the service unit and a USB interface device.


    Determining the characteristics of the turbine, including the relationships of volume flow rate, head, torque produced, power output and efficiency to rotational speed.
    Comparison of nozzle and throttling control of an Impulse Turbine


The Impulse Turbine Unit consists of an inlet manifold which supplies water to four jets which are equally spaced around the turbine runner. Each of the jets can be individually controlled using ball valves. The runner itself is mounted on a horizontal shaft with a clear acrylic splash guard to allow maximum visibility of the workings. The unit incorporates a pressure sensor to measure the inlet condition of the water. This pressure can be accurately controlled using the software supplied with the service unit.

    Maximum Power: 35W
    Maximum Speed: 7000 rpm
    Maximum Torque: 0.15Nm


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