Infrared Moisture Balance

Infrared Moisture Balance for Educational Laboratory.

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Infrared Moisture Balance

The infrared moisture balance is an instrument for measuring the moisture content of materials that do not change their chemical structure while losing water under exposure to infrared radiation. This instrument is widely used for testin soils used in construction, agricultural soils, chemical raw materials, foods, pharmaceuticals, plastics and similar materials.
Since drying and weighing are simultaneous the Infrared Moisture Balance is specially useful for determining the moisture percentage in substances that quickly reabsorb moisture after drying. The input power to the infrared lamp can be continuously varied from 0 to 250 watts. As a result greater penetration of heat is possible than in conventional methods.

The balance scale is divided directly in moisture percentages from 0 to 100% in 0.2% divisions. A thermometer is provided for estimating the temperature of the drying chamber.