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Blood Bank Refrigerator 120L


We are offering Blood Bank Refrigerator High accuracy computerized temperature control system is adopted to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator body accurate and stable at 4°C3 digit high brightness numerical code display, the set value of temperature can be trimmed within the range 2°C ~ 6°C, the temperature accuracy and resolution ratio are all 0.1°C Safe door lock High quality structural steel plate is used for refrigerator body Double layer transparent and thermal insulation glass door, the inertia gas is filled inside Small double layer high transparency organic glass door can effectively prevent the cool air from escaping in a layer quantity during opening and closing of the door The blood stored according to stores, the shelves can be adjusted are convenient for blood basket taking out and putting on and easy to clean. An unique high resolution ratio temperature calibration function, the set point can be adjusted and corrected with a correctness range of 2°C ~ 8°C and a correctness increment of 0.5°C 24 hour follow up reading and printing system by built in printer (option)Quadruple alarm system (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, transducer failure alarm, door opening alarm)Long distance signal alarm system (option)Data output, temperature curve analytic diagram plotting for single, double and multiple refrigerators and display of data tables are carried out through data exchange between a RS-232 interface and a computer. The data and image can be saved, inquired and printed (option)Safe control system Self checking and delay start up for starting and an interval protection function for stopping ensure the reliable operation Efficiency compressors and fans Environmental protection (fluorine free)ISO-9001 international quality system