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Laboratory shaker

Shakers are ideal for almost any vessel from micro centrifuge tubes through Petri dishes and microtitre plates to conical flasks. Shakers are available with either an orbital action where the platform moves in a circular orbit or a reciprocating linear movement where the platform moves back and forth horizontally. An orbital action provides a swirling action on the sample, ideal for aeration. A linear shaker is more aggressive making it ideal for applications such as extractions.

Rockers work in a similar way to platform shakers but are much less aggressive on the sample. Rockers utilise either a see saw action, where the platform rocks on a central point, or a gentler 3D gyratory action where the platform moves in a three dimensional motion about the central point. A see saw action provides a wave motion in the sample, ideal for washing. A 3D gyratory action very gently swirls the sample making it ideal for delicate cell culturing, staining and de-staining procedures etc. In some cases a tier system is available where magnetic platforms can be stacked to increase capacity, without increasing the footprint.

The microtitre plate shakers are specifically designed to provide a fast mixing action about a tight obit ideal for mixing microtitre plates.


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