Laboratory Flumes and Channels

Laboratory Flumes and Channels for Educational Laboratory.

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Laboratory Flumes and Channels for Hydraulic Teaching and Research Studies

New research flumes available as standard

-Standard Flumes
-Special Flumes, Tanks and Basins
-Ancillary Equipment
• Sediment Transport Facilities
• Mono and Random Wave Makers
• Instrumentation

Open channel facilities (sometimes referred to as flumes) to hydraulic laboratories throughout the world for over 50 years.

This brochure presents the full range of channels/flumes available from, both teaching & research, standard & special.

There are also general comments about the design, flexibility & accuracy of flumes in order to assist those embarking on the specifying & purchase of flumes for advanced studies or research.

Usually channels are of rectangular prismatic section. The dimensions of the working cross-section and length are the principal features which determine both the functional suitability and the cost of a channel.

Depending on customer requirements, channels can be designed to incorporate the following alternative features:

-Fixed bed or variable slope
-Self-contained or laboratory supplied water
-Open circuit or re-circulating sediment load
-Choice of working section materials (glass, metal, wood)
-Inclusion of a wave generator and beach
-Instrumentation systems for flow, velocity, level, etc.
-Sediment sampling
Key Features:

Because of the physical size and the general heavy nature of the construction, it is easy to forget that a flume is an instrument and in many instances required to have a high level of integrity regarding both its working dimensions and ability to achieve repeatable results.

Acknowledge the necessity for accuracy, precision and repeatability.
These are cornerstones of the design, manufacture and final installation.