Linear Air Track

Linear Air Track for Educational Laboratory.

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Linear Air Track

Designed for the study of linear motion under conditions of low friction, is made from strong, square section aluminium. Two rows of fine holes run along the top of the track through which jets of air emerge to or an air  cushion on which the vehicles float under virtually frictionless conditions.
The track is supported one five adjustable feet. An air inlet tube connection is fitted at one  end and a butterfly valve at the other by means of which the air pressure inside the track may be adjusted. The track is supplied complete with the following accessories :
(a)    Two heavy and one light vehicle, their masses in the ratio 2:1 with a tolerance of ± 2%.
(b)    Two metal location plates drilled to take the inner feet of the track so that it can be firmly positioned on the bench using
‘G’ clamps,  screw of self adhesive pads. The plates are fitted with pegs to support the shutter accessory pillars.
(c)    Three moulded black ‘buffers’ and three ‘horns’.
(d)    One set of pin and absorber (Plasticine) attachments for work on in elastic collisions.
(e)    A supply of self-adhesive buffers for an alternative method with inelastic collisions.
(f)    A set of Magnadur magnets (2) and counter balances (2) for work on collisions at a distance.
(g)    Ten spare rubber bands.
(h)    Three black cards to fit the vehicles for use in timing.
(i)    4 elastic chords with plastic ring on each end.