Losses in Bends and Fittings

Losses in Bends and Fittings for Educational Laboratory.

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Losses in Bends and Fittings

The unit is used for the investigation of pressure losses in bends, fittings and valves, as well as in constrictions and increases in size. The measured section consists of a pipe system with different fittings, a ball-cock, an increase in size and a constriction. The flow rate can be adjusted using the ball-cock. A 6 tube manometer and a spring-tube manometer are used to determine individual differential pressures. Annular measuring chambers guarantee interference-free pressure measurement. The water supply is provided by the Losses in Bends and Fittings Basic Hydraulics Bench.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Investigation of the pressure losses at bends and fittings

- Comparison of different bends and fittings

- Determination of a valve characteristic curve


1.   Experimental set-up for placing on Basic Hydraulics Bench

2.   With Basic Hydraulics Bench a closed water circuit is set up

3.   6 tube manometer 0…300mmWC

4.   Spring-tube manometer 0…0.6bar

5.   Pipework as well as fittings made of plastic

6.   Constriction, increase in size, ball-cock, pipe bend, elbows and bends as measured objects

Technical Data

6 tube manometer 0…300mmWC

Spring-tube manometer 0…0.6bar

Nominal diameter of pipework 17mm

Dimensions and Weight

l x w x h: 875 x 640 x 900 mm

Weight: approx. 31kg