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Low Profile Floor Scale With Two Gradients 

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Low Profile Floor Scale With Two Gradients for Educational Laboratory. Product Name
Low Profile Floor Scale With Two Gradients Specification:
Low Profile Floor Scale With Two Gradients (Code - SKU-IELAB410006): Low Profile Floor Scale With Two Gradients

Low Profile Floor Scale with Two Gradients
• Low Profile with two Gradients.
• Standardized RS-232-C Interface
• Body Consists Mild Steel
• Contains Checkered Plate Platform
• Powder Coated Finishing
• Customized in size available
• Build in Rechargeable Battery
• Easy Installation through leveling feet
• Built-in with 4 Load cell System
• Connectable to any weighing Indicator
• Standardized with High Bright RED LED Display
• Skirt with Junction Box
• Precipitous Structure for heavy duty weighing


1 Ton. 200 gm 1000 x 1000
1 Ton. 200 gm 1200 x 1200
2 Ton. 500 gm 1000 x 1000
2 Ton. 500 gm 1200 x 1200
3 Ton. 1 kg 1500 x 1500
5 Ton. 2 kg 1500 x 1500


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