Mechanical Heat Pump

Mechanical Heat Pump for Educational Laboratory.

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Mechanical Heat Pump
Aim :

This laboratory scale working model housed on a M.S. Square tube frame further mounted on a wheels (CI) with instrumentation panel is used
i) To study the performance of vapor compression Refrigeration system using water cooled condenser / water cooled evaporator
ii) Co efficient of performance (COP) of the system.

    Hermetically Sealed Compressor

-Capacity : 1/3 HP

    Condenser Type : Shell and coil with Refrigerant inside The tube
    Evaporator Water Cooled : Shell and coil with Refrigerant
    Rota Meter : 1 No Make : Eureka
    Hand Shut off Valves Size : ¼”Make : Kim/vanaz/equivalent
    Filter Drier Make : Danfoss/ equivalent
    Energy Meters Make : Bhel/indimeter/equivalent
    Thermostat Make : Danfoss / equivalent
    Compound Gauges : 1 NO Range : -30” Hg to +150psiMake : Fiebig/ equivalent
    Measuring Instruments a) Digital Temperature Indicator : 50 to 199.9°C
    Sump Tank

a) Capacity : Suitable
b) Material : S.S