Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Melting Point Apparatus

This apparatus is very useful in the determination of the melting point of any substance in small quantity upto 300°C. It consists of an aluminium block which accepts three capillary tubes and a mercury thermometer. The block is heated by two elements clamped to the sides. The built in lamp provides uniform and shadow less illumination of sample tube, which are viewed through the magnifying lens against either a dark or bright ground selected by rotating a knob to the rear of the apparatus. A built in a rotary rheostat gives accurate adjustment of the rate of increase of temperature as melting point is approached. Both the heaters are kept ‘ON’ in the ‘LOW’ as well as ‘HIGH’ position of the toggle switch, thus ensuring uniform heating from both sides of the block. A second toggle switch on the right side connects the lamp and power input to the apparatus. A sturdy metal enclosing the heating block and controls is powder coated with textured siemens grey finish.