Metacentric Height Apparatus

Metacentric Height Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Metacentric Top Equipment

Fundamentals of Buoyancy, Metacenter and Metacentric Peak are widely utilized in Design and steadiness of Ships, Submarines, Scorching air balloons and so forth.

Equipment encompass SS reservoir tank set up on sturdy body. A small ship adaptation  made from Perspex has a provision to position load on the deck and has an  association to measure the inclination as a result of loading.

Optionally test may also be additional modified to characterize stipulations as cargo ship and battle ship

    Reservoir Tank Measurement: 500 X 500 X 200 mm
    Ship Adaptation Dimension: 230 X 350 mm
    Round Weights: four No’s
    Graduated Arc for measuring tilt perspective
    Specific Technical Guide and On-web page Coaching