Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m. (Microprocessor Based)

Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m. (Microprocessor Based) for Educational Laboratory.

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Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m. (Microprocessor Based)

    High speed Micro Centrifuge Max R.P.M. 16000
    Heavy duty plastic injection moulded body.
    Stainless Steel protection bowl.
    Fitted with well balance universal motor having long life with inported carbons.
    Microprocessor based Digital Timer of range 0-15 min. with LCD display.
    Preset speed controls thru microprocessor from 2000 to 16000r.p.m.
    Digital display shows Set Time/Run Time/R.P.M.

Supply Completed with Following Accessories:

    Rotor Head to accommodate 12 eppendorf (Centrifuge Tubes with cover) of 1.5ml/2ml (12 x 1.5/2ml)
    Reduction adopters for 1.5ml eppendorf (Micro Centrifuge Tubes)
    Head Puller, Spanner, Dust cover, Instruction manual, Cord & plug to work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.C.

Optional at extra cost:

    Rotor head to accomodate 24 micro tubes.
    Any other size of rotor to accommodate micro-centrifuge can be supplied at customer’s requirements.

Note: Design can be change by company without notices
Dimension of Machine:     L=290mm, W=270mm, H=240mm
Weight of Machine:     9.5kg. approx.
Dimension of box:     L-355mm x W355 x H-340mm
Weight of Box     11 kg. approx