Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer

Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer for Educational Laboratory.

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Microprocessor Visible  Spectrophotometer


The monochromator with a holographic flashing grating is used. It has the benefit of excessive wavelength precision, excellent monochromaticity and low stray mild.

·Automated switching of tungsten halogen lamp and  deuterium lamp.

·A pattern compartment for zero.5cm-10cm cells.

·Laptop keep an eye on device, exact computerized T/A changeover.

·Computerized zero and whole scale adjustment.* Direct focus learn-out and focus issue surroundings perform.

·Outfitted with RS232 port. Printer may also be linked and information may also be despatched to PC via unique device.
Technical Specification     
Wavelength Vary     325 – one thousand nm
Wavelength Accuracy     ≤ 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability     ≤1nm
Transmittance Accuracy     ±zero.5%
Transmittance Repeatability     ≤zero.2%
Spectrum Bandwidth     5nm
Stray Mild     ≤zero.5% (at 360nm, NaN02
Mild Present Glide     zero.5% / three min
Darkish Present Glide     zero.2% / three min
Cell Holder Dimensions     10 mm
Nett Weight     thirteen.5 Kgs
Gross Weight     27Kgs