Multi Pump Test Rig

Multi Pump Test Rig for Educational Laboratory.

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Multi Pump Test Rig

    A self contained multi-pump test rig, containing all the services and instrumentation for determining the characteristic curves of different pumps at different speeds
    Contains five different pump positions (4 active)
    Centrifugal pump and gear pump supplied as standard.
    Axial pump, flexible impellor pump, turbine pump, diaphragm pump, piston pump and a second centrifugal pump are all available as accessories
    Series/parallel pump demonstations can be performed with the second centrifugal pump option
    Control valve incorporated upstream of each pump (except axial pump) to demonstrate the effect of suction loss on performance
    Electronic torque measurement using a state of the art sensorless vector drive
    Electronic measurement of flow, pressure head and suction
    Optional volumetric flow measurement system for reciprocating pumps
    Optional data logging and educational software.


The equipment comprises a water reservoir, and five pump positions, (four active). Each pump position uses pipework and sensors optimised to the type of pumps it is intended for.

Positions 1, 2a and 2b are optimised for high flows at low heads, such as the rotodynamic pumps whereas positions (3) and (4) are suitable for lower flows but higher pressures, as obtained from the positive displacement pumps. Note: Position (2a) and Position (2b) are mutually exclusive in as much as they share the same motor drive and reconfiguration by a laboratory technician is necessary to change over.