Notch and Weir Apparatus

Notch and Weir Apparatus for Educational Laboratory.

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Notch and Weir Apparatus

Notches or Weirs allow hydrologists and engineers a simple method of measuring the volumetric flow rate in small to medium-sized streams, or in industrial discharge locations.

The apparatus is used to calibrate the following types of notches:-
1.Rectangular Notch
2.Triangular Notch
3.Trapezoidal Notch or Cipolletti Weir

A flow control valve permits variation of flow rate through the circuit. Open flow channel with necessary baffle ensures smooth flow of water. Channel has arrangement to replace different types of notches through simple bolting arrangement

1.Open Flow Channel: 250 x 200 x 1000 mm
2.Rectangular Notch :50 mm wide
3.Triangular Notch: 450 and 600
4.Trapezoidal Notch : Slope 1:4
5.Sump tank capacity : 75 litres   MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing
6.Volumetric tank capacity : 40 litres   MOC: SS-304 with Matt Buffing
7.Pump : Monoblock type, 0-60 litre/min, Motor 0.5 HP
8.Piping with necessary Valves and Fittings
9.Digital Stop Watch with 1/10 second Accuracy
10.Detailed Technical Manual and On-site Training