Open Pan Evaporator

Open Pan Evaporator for Educational Laboratory.

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Open Pan Evaporator

Evaporation is a process for concentrating a solution by vaporizing part or all of the solvent. In most of the cast s the solvent is water. The Pan Evaporator set-up is designed to study the fundamentals of evaporation process. The set-up consists of a jacketed pan evaporator made of stainless steel and an electrically heated steam generator of suitable capacity. To evaporate the solution in pan, steam is allowed to enter in the jacket using a control valve. Condensate is collected from steam trap for energy measurement. Tilting is done by a worm gear arrangement to empty the pan.

Experiments :

  • To determine the overall heat transfer co-efficient under unsteady state conditions at different temperature
  • To determine the value of heat transfer co-efficient at the boiling point.
  • To plot heat transfer co-efficient vs (Ts Tav)

Utilities Required:

  • Water Supply & Drain
  • Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 5 kW
  • Required Chemicals.