Orifice and Free Jet Flow

Orifice and Free Jet Flow for Educational Laboratory.

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Orifice and Free Jet Flow

    Constant head tank with two interchangeable orifices
    Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench
    Jet trajectory measured and plotted using adjustable pointers
    Educational Software available as an option


    In the Orifice & Free Jet Flow accessory a constant head tank is fed with water from the Hydraulics Bench. The orifice is installed at the base of this tank by means of a special wall fitting which provides a flush inside surface.
    The head is maintained at a constant value by an adjustable overflow and is indicated by a level scale. A jet trajectory tracing device allows the path followed by the jet to be ascertained.
    Adjustable feet permit levelling.

Technical Detail:
Item     Value
Orifice diameters:     3.0mm and 6.0mm
Jet trajectory probes:     8
Max. constant head:     410mm